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Published: 21st July 2010
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The Jeep CJ, the CJ meaning civilian Jeep, is a civilian version of the iconic World War II military Jeep that Willys-Overlands Motors introduced to the world in 1944. Since that inception, production of the Jeep CJ continued nonstop until 1987, despite the Jeep brand changing hands several times. In 1987, Chrysler replaced the Jeep CJ with the Jeep Wrangler, a model that has achieved an equal amount of success. The final CJs manufactured were the mainstream CJ7 and the CJ8, which was a pickup version of the CJ7 for sale. The CJ7 remains the most popular of all pre-Wrangler Jeeps, especially with off-road enthusiasts, and it's quite common to see them on the road even today, or even to see a Jeep CJ7 for sale at a dealer.

For many enthusiasts, the great aspect of the CJ series is that the bulk of change came between the mid-1940s and the mid-1950s. After that point, the CJ was essentially the same in 1985 as it was in 1955 except that Jeep added technological improvements as they became available, and Jeep kept the visual style in tune with the times. Jeep first introduced the CJ7 in 1976, and then manufactured it through 1986 uninterrupted with very little fundamental change. This is another reason why the CJ7 is so popular among enthusiasts. Parts are extremely easy and relatively inexpensive to acquire. In many cases, a part from 1976 will fit the 1986 CJ7 with no modification.

If one finds himself or herself in the market for a Jeep CJ7 for sale, they should know several things prior to taking the plunge. Due to the popularity of the CJ7 and the diminishing numbers as time passes, CJ7s hold their value very well. This is an investment, and the savings available in many used car-buying opportunities likely won't be present here. In addition, the CJ7 featured an automatic all-wheel drive system called Quadra-Trac, which is notoriously fragile. So, what does this mean to the average user? It means that unless you're comfortable with transmission upkeep and repairs, the maintenance and repair costs are going to be quite high.

Good, you're still with us. That means that working on your Jeep CJ7 is your cup of tea. In that case, there are some other points to keep in mind while hunting for that Jeep CJ7 for sale, . Know what you're looking for. A fully renovated Jeep CJ7 for sale can have a price tag well into five digits. So, keep that in mind, and know exactly what you're going to look at out before driving a great distance to do it. Stick to the private dealers whether shopping online or locally in order to maximize your dollar. Dealers and auction houses are a great way to find the right Jeep CJ7 for sale quick, but that luxury is going to come at a premium.

Jeeps in general and the CJ7 in particular are so popular that they have automotive clubs dedicated to them. Prior to starting this process, check for one in your area, and take advantage of the Jeep communities online. In addition to helping you find an affordable Jeep CJ7 for sale, these groups can be invaluable for the new Jeep owner. The value of having an experienced Jeep CJ7 owner to turn to cannot be overstated. These communities can help you save an amazing amount of time and money.

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