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Published: 04th August 2010
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The International Harvester Scout, commonly referred to simply as the International Scout, is the first American-produced civilian off-road sports utility vehicle (SUV). International Harvester (IH) originally marketed the utility vehicle as competition to the Jeep, but that approach changed dramatically during a production period that lasted between the 1961 and 1980 model years. While all but the most hardcore enthusiasts have all but forgotten this vehicle, the International Scout for sale during that near-twenty-year period was a moderately popular SUV and pickup truck option for its time.

The Scout 80 was the International Scout for sale between 1960 and 1965. The distinctive elements of this style were the removable sliding side windows, which were gone by 1962, the fold-down windshield, and the vacuum windshield wipers that were mounted to the top of the windshield. There is also a distinctive IH logo mounted at the center of the front grille.

International Harvester celebrated manufacturing their 100,000 Scout 80 by producing their first specialty package, the Red Series. The name might suggest a red exterior, but it was actually all white with a red interior that included a full-length headliner and full floor mats. There was also a special medallion affixed to the driver and passenger doors that read, "100,000 Red Carpet Series Scout by International".

In late 1965 for the 1966 model year, IH replaced the Scout 80 with the redesigned Scout 800. This all-new International Scout for sale leveraged recent design advancements to give drivers and passengers more comfort. These aspects included better instrumentation, heating systems, bucket seats, optional rear seats, and larger, more powerful engines. Between 1965 and 1968, IH offered a 266 cubic-inch V8 in addition to the 4-cylinder. From 1965-1967, IH offered a turbocharged version of the 4-cylinder motor.

In 1969 and then in late 1971, IH offered subtle redesigns named the 800A and 800B respectively. The 800A included more creature comforts as well as an upgraded drivetrain. IH also began to offer special trim packages with 800A, such as the Aristocrat, the Sno-Star, and the SR-2. When the 800B came in 1971 it brought with it the Comanche package. The 800B also included some cosmetic upgrades for the standard International Scout for sale.

The year 1971 also saw the introduction of the all-new Scout II, which IH would manufacture until 1980 with only minor revisions along the way. This was very similar to the Jeep CK-7, which AMC manufactured as essentially the same vehicle throughout the 70s and much of the 80s. Also like Jeep, the jump from the Scout I to the Scout II brought very little change to the exterior body style. However, one can easily identify the vehicles of each Scout generation due to the distinctive styling of the front grilles.

In the final years of the Scout II, between 1976 and 1980, IH manufactured several distinct Scout models in addition to the various specialty packages that were available. Both the Scout II Terra and the Scout II Traveler were Scout IIs with removable fiberglass tops. The Terra had a half-top while the Traveler boasted a full top with a hatchback-style liftgate. IH manufactured the Soft-top Safari II (SSII) from 1977 to 1979 in another attempt to compete directly with Jeep, this time the Jeep CJ. The SSII did not win much public appeal but it had quite a bit of success in the off-road racing circuits of the late 1970s.

The SSII had been IH's last-ditch effort to lay a real claim in the automotive industry. With that failure, IH sold its agricultural division, the bulk of the company, and faded away, and the International Scout faded with it.

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