67 Chevelle SS For Sale

Published: 05th August 2010
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Finding a 1967 Chevelle SS for sale is a dream that many muscle car enthusiasts hold near and dear to their hearts. While the '67 Chevelle SS is by no means a perfect car, it's a wonderful specimen that boasts enough personality to make its flaws endearing.

There were kinks present in the first several years of the Chevelle SS, particularly in the way that the car handled, and driving at top speeds exacerbated these issues. What set the 1967 Chevelle SS for sale apart from those that had come before it were the improvements in this area.

These most basic of these changes was the upgrade from the standard rayon two-ply 7.75x14 tires to low profile F70X14s with nylon belts. Chevy also reconfigured the steering system including the wheel so that grip and steering response were dramatically improved.

The feel in the car when one changes direction, especially at high speed, is what separates the 1967 Chevelle SS most from the 1964-1966 Chevelle SSs. The designers also improved braking with the new front disc brakes that were available as an option along with the purposeful 14-inch slotted wheels that were included standard.

Enthusiasts should note that it is possible to customize the 1964-1966 Chevelle SSs to include similar handling improvements. However, the 1967 Chevelle SS provides a particular handling that one cannot easily match with a simple upgrade, and this is part of the vehicle's allure.

For the 1967 Chevelle SS for sale, Chevrolet included the same standard transmission, a 3-speed manual. However, most SS buyers opted for the 4-speed transmission, which was available at the time for an additional $105. Precise numbers of 4-speed and 3-speed sales are not available, but it does seem that the non-standard 4-speed is much more prevalent. Chevrolet also offered a 2-speed Powerglide transmission as well as a 3-speed Turbo Hydra-matic option but both of these are rare from today's perspective.

Chevrolet also included a padded instrument panel and an energy-absorbing steering column due to U.S. safety regulations that the government had enacted the year before. The dashboard was essentially the same one included with the three previous models, which is very bland compared to other muscle cars of the time. For this reason, the dashboard is one of the most popular aspects of interior customization. Chevy did offer an optional tachometer this model year, which they positioned to the left of the steering wheel.

Visually the 1967 Chevelle SS for sale was not remarkably different from the '66 model. Differences include a reworked bumper and grille that one would not notice without side-by-side comparison. Chevy also included a blackout tail panel, and despite demand for the contrary, the hood louvers remained nonfunctional.

Under the hood, Chevy once again included the 396 cubic-inch V8 engine that hammers out 325 horsepower stock. The L34 engine upgrade was still available for approximately $100, but this engine provided 10 horsepower less than the L34 offered a year earlier. This was because of a GM edict against any car other than the Corvette producing more than one horsepower per 10 pounds of curb weight. The 375-horsepower L78 engine option was still available as a dealer-installed conversion, but no longer publicized. Perhaps for that reason, Chevy sold approximately only 600 of these conversions.

With prices starting at $2,800 for the coupe and $3,000 for the ragtop, the Chevelle SS was only a couple hundred dollars more than other Malibu models. It's difficult to imagine how anyone passed up a 1967 Chevelle for sale back then.

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